Where could I download the mobile App and Windows App?

Valarea POD and Valarea APP for Windows 10 could be downloaded from our website: under the “Download” section or click this link to be redirect to the correct page.

Valarea for iOS and for Android could be downloaded directly from the mobile store.

What are the minimum software requirements?

  • Valarea for Windows (client) Minimum version: Windows 10 Home (build 1809)

  • Valarea for iOS (iPhone / iPad) Minimum version: iOS 11.3

  • Valarea for Android Minimum version: Android 7.0

The other people can’t hear me

During a videoconference it could happen, check if your mic is active and if your connection is good. Also ask your attendees to check their laptop/mobile device/meeting room audio device and volume using chat.

My hardware (pen/marker) is not recognized

Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled and works fine on your device, that your hardware battery is charged and that your pen/marker is powered on. If it’s not recognized try to reboot your pc/mobile device and restart the pairing process into Valarea App

Is it possibile to have a “what’s new” for the releases?

Yes, we’ll plan to send a newsletter with all that’s new to our subscribed customers soon!

How can I check my license and my features?

Connect to your valarea webpage, sign in with your credentials and you will see your license and enabled features.

Where is the user manual?

You can download the user manual clicking the link below.

How could I create a Valarea account?

Creating a Valarea account is very simple. Go to Valarea home page and click on the GET STARTED FREE button, insert your credentials (name, surname, email address and password), accept terms and conditions and by pressing GET STARTED you’ll create your account. You will also receive an email with a link that you have to click in order to confirm the account creation.

This video shows the procedure.