Valarea App

How do I start a video conference?

Valarea App/POD: You need to be online with your meeting in order to activate a video conference session.

To put your meeting online click on the share button on your whiteboard, you'll be prompted for a "shared session" name, once inserted press the "create" button, you'll be prompted to insert email address of your attendees to send invitation. Note: you have to be sure that the "send webinar link" is also flagged before continue.

Leave blank the email addresses if you plan to invite people later or with your preferred email client and press the "invite and start session" to transfer your session online. Once you’re online into whiteboard you have the camera button, tap on it and videoconference will start

Why can’t I get Valarea app for my Mac?

On a Mac you could use the web version using a supported browser (Chrome, Firefox or Edge with chromium ext) and have the webinar experience. You could also connect your mobile iOS app to that session and use the companion whiteboard from your device.

Can I record my webinar session?

Yes, if you're connected to a webinar using your App, inside whiteboard(windows app) or in the workspaces (iOS/Android app) there's the “rec” button that enables you to record your session.

How can I invite people to my whiteboard?

You can invite people by pressing the ‘share’ button in Valarea which sends an email with the link for the session, or you can invite participants using your mobile app by sharing the link with your preferred messaging system.

My session closed suddenly, is all lost?

No, your session will be saved to Valarea. Reopen the app and find it in your Workspaces. Click on the session and start work again.

How do I save my whiteboard

Your session will be saved automatically to your Workspaces. You can also export your whiteboard as an RMG file. At the end of your session, you will be asked if you want to create a recap. This means that all inside the whiteboard can be saved as a PDF and all attached files as a ZIP archive file.

How can I upload a document to the whiteboard?

It’s fast and easy! Just press the + button, select the folder where your document is stored from the menu that opens and drag and drop it into the whiteboard. Your doc is automatically dropped into the whiteboard when you release the click hold.

What is the ‘recap’ function?

It’s a function that saves your whiteboard pages as a PDF with all the files used in the whiteboard into a zip file that saves on storage when the recap is sent by email to participants.

Why can’t I add another browser?

On opening Valarea you will see a ‘Settings’ tab. Here the default “maximum browsers per page” is 2 but you can modify it to be more as required. (windows 10 client or POD only)

Can I put the ‘Speech to text’ in another language?

Yes, Valarea automatically uses your Windows language settings, but you can choose and manage alternative languages for voice command in the Valarea setting tab.

Where does the whiteboard go when I minimise it?

(Windows Only) If you minimize your whiteboard you can reopen it by pressing the two arrows in the icon that appears on the right of your desktop When clicked, tap on the whiteboard button from the menu that appears and whiteboard is maximised again.

What is the cast/webinar function?

Windows Only) This function allows you to cast your whiteboard or desktop to your attendees that are connected via a supported web browser (webinar function).

Where are my files stored?

All files are stored on your PC/mobile device, with the cloud subscription all files shared into whiteboard are stored on our secured end encrypted server.