How do I start a video conference?

Valarea Webinar: Starting a new webinar you will be prompted as a moderator to select which kind of webinar to use, if you choose video conference it will start automatically. You can also activate/deactivate camera and mic for all yours attendees

Is it mandatory to be a moderator and to have an account in order to create a new webinar session?

Yes, you have to be registered on Valarea if you want to create a new webinar session. Non registered users can only participate to a session already created.

How do I create a webinar?

It’s very easy, go to this website, login with your credentials and start a new webinar, or pick up an already planned session from you Valarea workspaces menu and you will be automatically connected to this session as a webinar with yourself as the presenter/moderator. From here you can invite guests and manage preferences for their webcam/mic and chat options. Find a full tutorial here

How can I invite people to my webinar?

On the webinar management page there is a “copy” button near your session. Click the copy button of the webinar you want to share, open your personal email, create a new mail or schedule a new meeting and “paste” the content you have just copied. Hit ‘Send’ and it’s done…easy, isn’t it?! Find a full tutorial here

Is it possible to use my device as a companion device for sharing whiteboard?

Yes, you can connect your mobile device (iOS, Android) or Windows app to a session by selecting “join to session” on your Valarea app and scan the QR Code visible on the bottom right of the webinar page.

Can I record my webinar session?

Yes, when you start webinar you could choose mode, by choosing Picture in Picture mode you will be asked if you want to record your session. We're working hard to support recording also for videoconference session.

What are the requirements for webinar?

You will need a browser that supports our Webinar function. Here’s the list of supported browsers for webinar:

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Microsoft Edge with chromium extension

Is it possible to mute one or all attendee mics?

Yes, during a webinar conference session you can mute one attendee by clicking on the mic icon near their name. To mute all attendees at once just click on the three dots on the main window and select “mute everyone”.

May I connect to webinar using my phone? Is there dial-in access?

We’re working on it, this feature will be available SOON!