How to transfer Valarea Session from Mobile App/Desktop App to Valarea POD

Transfer Valarea session from your Mobile Apps or Desktop App

You have two way to transfer your Room session from your mobile to Valarea Pod. From the home screen, by pressing the pod button on the bottom right and scan QR code or press the name of POD discovered on the network.

Connecting your session, Valarea POD will made an instant booking on your room calendar and inform your Organization that the Room is not yet available for booking until the time slot is gone. Now you can use your default AV conferencing tool set on Valarea POD and open any room whiteboards (My Room whiteboard) directly from the UI of Valarea POD, leaving your mobile on your desk.

Alternatively you can transfer any Room already opened on your Mobile Apps or Desktop app directly from a “Transfer to POD” function available directly in the Room .

On the left of Valarea POD launcher you’ll see a QR code, on your mobile app tap the Graphical user interface, application, chat or text message, icon

Description automatically generated POD button, scan the QR code or select your POD from the discovered Pods list

and your session is now connected and transferred to the POD