First Configuration (Wizard)

Valarea Room post installation wizard
Follow the wizard steps to configure your Valarea Room System for the first time after the installation.
1) Choose a language
2) Accept the EULA
3) Check your Network Settings and make sure an Internet connection is available
4) Activate Valarea Room with a License Key
5) Check the display settings and touch calibration
6) Set the room name and configure a room calendar provider (Microsoft 365, Google Workspace or Microsoft Exchange On Premises)
7) (Optional) Activate the "Instant meeting" feature for the supported video conferencing providers.
Important notice
The Instant meeting feature is not required to join scheduled meetings from the Room calendar or from a personal calendar (BYOM via Proximity Join).
It is only required if you want to start Instant meetings from the Valarea Room, when a meeting has not been scheduled in advance or has not been transfered from a personal device.
All the supported video conferencing systems will work correctly and will join meetings even if you do not activate the corresponding Instant meeting feature.
8) Set Advanced Settings (e.g. Activate Kiosk Mode, recommended for production deployments)
After the automatic restart, Valarea Room will automatically log in to the local user ValareaRoom