Valarea Bot for Microsoft Teams

This article covers installing, configuring and using the Valarea integration for Microsoft Teams.


For additional support related to Valarea for Microsoft Teams, please write an email to: [email protected]


Valarea for Microsoft Teams integration allows you to start an instant meeting from within the Microsoft Teams persistent Valarea tab or using @mentions from any Teams channel. Meetings created in Teams will automatically appear on your Valarea account.


  • A Valarea for Enterprise (Host) account is required
  • A Microsoft Teams Account

Installation and Configuration

1. Login to Microsoft Teams. Search for "Valarea" in Apps (left sidebar) and click on the app. Click the down arrow next to Add and choose Add to a Team
2. Search and select the channel or team you would like to use with the Valarea integration
3. Click Set up a bot and this will install both the Valarea Tab and the Valarea Bot for Microsoft Teams
4. This will take you to the channel you selected
5. Follow the Bot’s instructions and once complete, the integration will be configured for your Microsoft Teams account

Using the Valarea for Microsoft Teams Integration

1. Login

Note: When you log in for the first time after installing the Valarea integration, you will need to login to your Valarea account. This login process will be done for the first login experience, after that, Valarea will use the existing access token to login.
1. Tap the Valarea Tab on the left sidebar to access the Valarea Bot
2. Tap to write a message and tap "What can I do" to show the list of available commands
3. Tap Login and press Enter. Valarea bot will answer with a message. Tap on Sign in to show the login screen.
4. Login to your Valarea account.

2. Start a Meeting

1. After logging in, tap What can I do? and select Create or directly type "Create" and press Enter
2. Valarea Bot will ask you to insert a meeting description. Insert a description and press Enter. Valarea Bot will create a new meeting and show the meeting information:
  • Meeting title
  • QR Code for quick access from the app
  • Meeting ID
  • Meeting PIN
Now you can join a Valarea meeting by scanning the QR code, clicking the "Click here to join" link or inserting the details manually.

Uninstalling Valarea for Microsoft Teams

1. Right-click the Valarea Tab on the left sidebar
2. Click Uninstall