VALAREA v3.0 Product Release Notes: 01/15/21

Valarea POD

Automatic System Health Check

An intelligent daemon will continue to monitor the hardware/software core components (Camera, Mic, Speaker volume level, Mic level, Internet connection availability, Wireless Display Service) and in case of an issue, the system try to auto-fix and in case of persistent issue the UI will showcase an informational message in order to contact the IT support. A Log file is automatically generated for further troubleshooting session.

Microsoft O365 Modern Authentication for room calendar home screen

Graph API is the replacement for Exchange Web Services Graph API is Microsoft's new interface for accessing office 365 Calendars, Mail, Profiles and other enterprise information. Graph API also uses the Microsoft Modern Authentication which enables application access without requiring to store user IDs or passwords. This will allow your administrator's to grant access to Valarea POD, rather than Valarea POD storing user IDs and passwords.

Valarea Companion Apps

Valarea POD’s mobile app detects your meeting room displays automatically. This makes it simple for users to wirelessly sign-in and out of their Microsoft office 365 accounts. Start personal video calls and access their OneDrive content in seconds. Wirelessly connect your smartphone or tablet to the screen, launch the call and that's it. No need to touch the room screen, tap on a tabletop console or even leave your seat. Use Trackpad for controlling any apps and UI Launcher of Valarea POD

New whiteboard v3.0

Bug fixing, optimized protocol and enhanced security enabled for connected whiteboard communication.
Customize the Valarea POD UI with your own brand identity

AV codec HW acceleration with new webrtc engine

Smooth AV experience with new HW enabled codec VP9 for built-in webrtc

Silent install deployment support

If you are installing Valarea POD on many computers, you can use the silent install feature to push a settings file to each Valarea POD computer so no setup wizard will be displayed. To use this feature, it is expected that you are a network administrator with the capabilities to edit files, write deployment scripts and use deployment tools for central program distribution.

Valarea Webapp (beta)

Valarea Webapp beta version is available at​