Valarea v3.6 (Latest)
Valarea Room™
Instant meeting on multiple AV-Seamless integrated with contact search Users can now start an instant meeting across any certified & supported AV conference providers (MS Teams, Zoom, Webex, Google Meet), search and add contacts with a single and seamless/unified UI/UX. Touch Controller support Valarea Room has a new feature whereby Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and Cisco Webex meetings can be controlled from any windows-based tabletop console. Users can toggle the camera on/off, microphone, start and end the call and control the call volume without leaving their seat.
Wired HDMI content sharing (feature hardware dependent) Connecting an HDMI cable to the HDMI IN port on the hub PC running Valarea Room application and connecting on the other end to the PC/Mac or other client device will instantly show the content of the client device onto the onnected external large display. This essentially duplicating (or extending) the screen of the client device onto the large screen. ‌ Valarea Room Cloud Remote Management & Analytics Console ‌ It’s free forever, included even with just one perpetual license of Valarea Room (and no subscription is required!)You can manage all of your Hub PCs while running Valarea Room remotely.
The Security level is very high in fact we support multi-factor authentication and encryption e2e TLS 256 ; All the activities made by an IT Admin are logged with no way to cancel the logs.
IT Admins can manage all licenses , define policy and apply settings remotely/ The Valarea Room will send back key insights that will be useful for better planning, internal training, and defining new collaborative spaces in every organization
Optimized Valarea Room Configuration Wizard (Simplified UI/UX)‌ Simplified UX and step reduction for Valarea Room Configuration Wizard settings. ‌ Valarea App™ for Windows 10
New and optimized UI/UX Refreshed UI and better UX for using Valarea workspaces experience on end users PC
Support for secondary display It’s now possible to move the Valarea Workspace on a secondary monitor attached to the PC
Drag & Drop of the contents from Windows File manager Drag and drop directly supported files from windows desktop or file manager inside a canvas.Support of 3D and AR files inside the canvas It’s now possible to drag & drop 3D supported files (dwg, 3ds, glb, dicom) inside a canvas. Pls.note that 3d files are showcased only locally and not replicated onto connected remote client during a session. It’s possible to take a screen capture and/or area capture to send remotely the 3d annotation over an image HTML5 email template for sharing link invitation Sharing a link of the session with remote participants now is possible with email sharing link that include an HTML5 email template.
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