Network Requirements
Please consult your IT department before installing Valarea Rooms as certain blocks may need to be lifted. We also recommend using a wired LAN connection
Network Security
Generally, Valarea Room has the same network requirements as any PC running VC application like Microsoft Teams client, Zoom, Cisco Webex, Google Meet. Specific to Valarea Room, the categories listed as "required" for VC must be open on your firewall. Valarea Room also needs access to Windows Update and Microsoft Intune (if you use Microsoft Intune to manage your devices). For the full list of IPs and URLs required for Valarea Room, see:
We strongly suggest to configure to automatically keep itself patched with the latest Windows updates, including security updates. Set an update OS policy to installs any pending updates every day beginning at 2:00am using a pre-set local policy.
Valarea Room devices don't need to connect to an internal LAN. Consider placing Valarea Room in a secure network segment with direct Internet access. If your internal LAN becomes compromised, the attack vector opportunities towards Valarea Room will be reduced.
We strongly recommend that you connect your Valarea Room devices to a wired network. The use of wireless networks on Valarea Room devices isn't recommended. Some connectivity features, such as Wi-Fi Sense, are disabled by default.
Bluetooth Proximity for Personal Calendar, Cloud Drives, Present Contents from 4G network
Proximity Join for personal calendar / personal onedrive features rely on Bluetooth. Bluetooth technology use on Valarea Room devices is currently limited to advertising beacons and prompted proximal connections. The ADV_NONCONN_INT protocol data unit (PDU) type is used in the advertising beacon. This PDU type is for non-connectable devices advertising information to the listening device. There is no Bluetooth device pairing as part of these features. Additional details on Bluetooth protocols can be found on the Bluetooth SIG website.

Allowlisting and Firewall Configuration

For remote connections, Valarea Room and Valarea clients must be able to access the Internet through these ports:

Internet Services and Ports

HTTP and HTTPS: 80 – 443 (TCP out to any)
DNS: 53 TCP/UDP out to DNS (internal or external)
NTP: 123 UDP out to NTP (internal or external)

FQDNs to be Allowed

Valarea / Re Mago services

3rd-party services

Internal Ports Requirements for Valarea Wireless Touch Controller)

Valarea Room Discovery service: 8035 UDP
Valarea Room Communication service: 8034 TCP
Wireless Display Protocols
Network settings to enable support for Miracast™, GoogleCast™ and Apple Airplay™

Optional Built-in WebRTC VC System:

General: 80, 443, 5349 TCP
Stun: 3478 UDP
Media Traffic: 10000 UDP

Bandwidth Requirements

Minimum bandwidth: 2 Mbps.
When using third-party UC applications, more bandwidth will be required. Users should refer to the guidelines recommended by each application developer.