Network Requirements
The installation of the HUB must be carried out according to the procedures set by the IT department. For a higher level of reliability, we strongly suggest using a wired LAN connection for the HUB.

Allowlisting and Firewall Configuration

For remote connections, Valarea POD and clients need to be able to access the internet through these ports;

Internet Services and Ports

HTTP e HTTPS: 80 – 443 (TCP out to any)
DNS: 53 TCP/UDP out to DNS (internal or external)
NTP: 123 UDP out to NTP (internal or external)

Domains to be allowed

Internal Network ports requirements (App and Wireless Touch Controller)

Valarea POD Discovery service : 8035 UDP
Valarea POD Communication service : 8034 TCP
Wireless Display protocols
Network settings to enable support for Miracast™, GoogleCast™ e Apple Airplay™

Optional Built-in webrtc AV service :

Host :
General : 80, 443, 5349 TCP
Stun: 3478 UDP
Media Traffic : 10000 UPD

Bandwidth requirements

Minimum bandwidth: 2 Mbps.
When using third parties unified communications applications, a higher bandwidth will be required. Users should refer to each application developer recommended guidelines.
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