Zoom best practices

Valarea Room does not require the installation of the Zoom client (desktop). Valarea Room (v 4.1 or above) already includes Zoom with the Zoom SDK for Windows.
If you need to install the Zoom desktop client for any reason, Valarea Room will support it as well. Any type of Zoom account (free or paid) is required for Instant meetings with Zoom and for joining as a Guest.
Before integrating your account in Valarea Room it is required to approve the install of the Valarea app in the Zoom marketplace, as explained below:
  1. 1.
    Visit and sign in with the Zoom account used by the room.
  2. 2.
    Search for the "Valarea" app and Approve the install of the app by activating the corresponding switch.
For Valarea 4.0 and below, please refer to the "Valarea" app:
For Valarea 4.1 and above, please refer to the "Valarea Room" app:

How to disconnect a Zoom account from Valarea Room (Token revocation)

If you want to disconnect a Zoom account from Valarea Room, please follow these steps:
  • Open the Valarea Room Wizard or Settings
  • Navigate to the "Instant Meeting" step or section
  • Locate the Zoom option and press "Disconnect"
Valarea Room will automatically revoke the authorization token. In order to enable Zoom instant meetings again, you will have to connect to your account and complete the OAuth process again.

How to deauthorize the app

If you want to deauthorize the Valarea or Valarea Room app, please follow these steps:
  • Visit and sign in with the Zoom account used by the room.
  • Search for the "Valarea" or "Valarea Room" app
  • Deauthorize by turning the switch off (see image)
You can also manage authorization for single users under the "Manage" section