Valarea POD

Valarea POD™ was designed to be appliance-like, ensuring a consistent, “walk-up” user experience—without sacrificing security.

Security and lockdown

For Worspace to be used in communal spaces, such as meeting rooms, its custom OS implements many of the security and lockdown features available in Windows 10.

Valarea POD support these Windows 10 security features:

· UEFI Secure Boot · User Mode Code Integrity (UMCI) with Device Guard · Application restriction policies using AppLocker · BitLocker Drive Encryption · Trusted Platform Module (TPM) · Windows Defender · User Account Control (UAC) for access to the Settings app

Kiosk mode (OS shell UI)

The Valarea™' shell is designed from the ground up to be large screen and touch optimized. It doesn't use the same shell as Windows 10 Enterprise. Tools such as command prompt, control panel and regedit are removed, so device can be placed in public without fear of tampering. Valarea™ is designed to be used in communal spaces, such as meeting rooms. Unlike Windows PCs, anyone can walk up and use a Valarea POD without requiring a user to sign in. There is always a local, auto signed-in, low-privilege user signed in to the Windows 10 session.

Saving and browsing files during a session

Users have access to a limited set of directories on the Valarea Application:

  • Meetings (secure cache available only during live sessions)

  • My Documents (optional)

Files saved locally in these directories are deleted when users press End session. To save content created during a meeting, users should save files to a USB drive, sending by email or disconnecting session from the server.

Vigilant about data safety

• Post working session, data is wiped from the system to protect sensitive information. • Next group gets a clean slate to work from.

Protected with disk encryption • Hard drive encryption is supported by Bitlocker OS feature. • If the drive is removed, Bitlocker key is required to re-enable it.