Webinar user guide

Create Webinar

Login into https://webinar.valarea.com with your Valarea account credentials. If you haven’t registered yet, go to https://www.valarea.com and click on the blue ‘Get started free’ button. (follow this link on how to register)

This is your main webinar control page with details of all your previous Valarea sessions ready to be made into webinars and the button to create a new webinar.

To start a new webinar, press the CREATE WEBINAR button

Insert webinar name and press CREATE WEBINAR button

Your webinar is now in the session list

Press the “COPY” button to copy a invitation template with webinar link to send your guests

Now open your email and in a new email, paste the copied template into the message body. Add your guests email addresses and send your link. Here’s an example of how it will look using outlook

Join a Webinar (guest)

Open the link you’ve received by mail or go to webinar.valarea.com. Insert the webinar ID and PIN (if you click on the email link this data will be already filled in) Insert a nickname and press CONNECT TO WEBINAR

Open https://webinar.valarea.com and enter connection data manually
Or click directly to the link and you have all pre-compiled (except for nickname)

You will be redirected to the lobby

Start a Webinar (host)

After login you can create or choose an existing session and start your webinar. To start a session press the START button

By pressing start button you're into your session where you can start an audio video conference, giving everyonethe option to speak with moderated chat and whiteboard. Anyone can share an app window or an entire screen. Webinar recording is only available on the Valarea app on Windows 10 or mobile devices

This is the moderator page of the webinar.

By pressing TAP TO START button your video session will start immediately Your attendees will see you and you will see them, the AV is now in session

You can now mute/unmute, enable/disable video and chat for all participants by flag/unflag the option and pressing APPLY TO ALL, or select a single participant and apply for them When a participant speaks, their image will fill the screen of the videoconference until the next speaker.

Share your screen

Click on the SHARE YOUR SCREEN button located at the bottom left of the screen. You’ll be prompted to choose what you want to share (entire desktop, chrome windows or application window). After selection you can press the SHARE button

When the screen or application screen is shared, everyone in meeting will see it.

You can now share your contents to all attendees

Connect your whiteboard to a session

You can connect your whiteboard to a webinar by downloading the Valarea app from our webpage or from a mobile store (available on iOS, Android and Windows 10). Once downloaded (registration is not mandatory) you can connect your app by clicking on JOIN TO SESSION

Simply scan the QR code and insert your nickname

Insert your chosen Nickname

And you’re whiteboard is now connected to your webinar.

Note: only MODERATOR has writing permission by default, all attendees are in “read only mode” until you (the moderator) grant access to them by pressing the Share button and choose the privileges.

How to grant privileges

Windows 10 PC and Valarea client installed:

From your windows device tap the OPEN WHITEBOARD button

It will ask to open Valarea, press YES to open it then when it’s opened, click on the SHARE button

Select PARTECIPANTS then select the attendee that needs writing permission

Press the R/W button to change from read to write or vice versa.

iOS and Android whiteboard:

Once your whiteboard is connected you only need to press the SHARE button, then tap on the attendee to grant write or read permission

Note: please refer to Valarea user guide for how to use whiteboard

Video tutorial

See the webinar tutorial by clicking video tutorial section on this page or watch the following video.