BYOM/BYOD with Valarea Room

What is BYOM?

A somewhat natural extension of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) - Bring Your Own Meeting refers to technology that allows you to use your own device with the hardware already in the meeting room (rather than relying on a pre-configured meeting room system for wireless presentations, videoconferencing, app launching, etc...).
BYOM rooms have peripherals already present, i.e. a screen, microphone, and camera. This means attendees simply show up, connect wirelessly to the meeting room screen with their own device and start their video call using their preferred conferencing platform (Teams, Zoom, Webex) as opposed to the legacy technology the room is set-up with.

Personal Calendar & Cloud Drive Proximity Transfer

Our Valarea Room solution acts as a wireless interface for the meeting room screen, allowing you to walk into any meeting space and instantly launch video calls, presentations, and apps without the need for wires, USB's or complicated sign-ins.