How to Wireless Present
Valarea Room uses the built-in casting methods from your device and thus does not require setting up any apps on your device. Connection methods depend on your device. This section gives instructions
Valarea Room is powered by a custom version of Airserver. If the network has been configured as specified in the dedicated paragraph, the Valarea Room will support the following protocols for presenting wirelessly
    Miracast™ wifi direct/infrastructure with touchback support
    Apple Airplay™


Miracast is a standard to send video and audio wirelessly from device to screen often described as HDMI over Wi-Fi. Miracast is fully supported in Microsoft Windows 10 but requires the sending device to have Miracast compatible Wi-Fi and video drivers. Thus, some older devices may not be able to utilize Miracast.
First make sure your device is on the same network as the AirServer Connect. This can be either through the Wi-Fi guest network on the AirServer Connect or through the building network.
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