Valarea Continuity Experience

This feature is supported only with Valarea Webrtc built-in feature

Valarea Continuity

How to transfer Valarea AV session from your Mobile Apps or Desktop App to a meeting room display

If you started a collaborative session outside your meeting room and you will reach a meeting room equipped with Valarea POD later, you will be able to transfer the full AV session to the display of your meeting room and control the camera and mic from your Valarea Mobile Apps or Windows Desktop Apps.

Start or participate to a collaborative meeting session on your mobile phone normally, when you have a POD available (ie- you’re arrived into your meeting room) press the POD button on your mobile app and scan POD’s QR code or select your POD from the discovered list

Once connected your session is transferred to POD

Press on the POD button on the top left of your AV window to transfer only your video session to POD and use its hardware for AV. Your mobile device is now a remote controller for POD hardware.

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On your mobile device (remote controller) Tap on Mic to enable/disable microphone, tap Webcam to enable/disable it, tap on Switch Cam to switch between camera (if Pod has more than 1 camera)