Use your mobile as trackpad multi-touch for controlling Valarea POD UI and Apps

Once you’re connected to POD with your mobile device you don’t need anything more to control your session and applications.

If you start a planned or an instant meeting your mobile device will automatically open the TRACKPAD feature that allow you to work directly on Valarea POD

This feature has also a shortcut link for the installed app into your Valarea POD that are recognized automatically by trackpad. In this example we have the Microsoft Office suite recognized.

Trackpad feature has also some gesture available such as pinch to zoom, scroll, drag and drop single tap, long tap, and more

By pressing the Home button your POD will come back to home page

Switch button will invoke App switcher on Windows 10

You also have the soft keyboard (by pressing the keyboard button) that allows you to write without needs of a physical keyboard and send key combinations

By pressing the settings icon you can adjust the pointer speed (tap confirm when finished or cancel to exit without save your modification)