Create an IT Admin user account and manage PODs and license

Create an IT Admin and associace Serial Key licenses (end users portal) 1) Copy the license serial key(s) of your Organization 2) Go to and add iyour serial key(s) to your account or press "Sign up with a licence key" for creating a new IT Admin account and associate your licenses.

Once you get a valid account it's stronly suggested to activate "multi-factor" authentication

Download "Microsoft Authenticator App" or "Google Authenitcator App" from Apple Store or Google Play Store.

1) Login to your Admin portal and select "Account"

2) Press "enable" Multi-Factor Authenitcation

3) Scan the QR code with the Microsoft Authenticator App. Press "Other (Google, Facebook)

Microsoft Authenticator App

Thats' All!

From the next Login your are able to authenicate with OTP PIN