Installing Valarea POD

Here are the steps you need to follow to correctly install the Valarea POD™ software on any Windows 10 device equipped with a microphone and webcam.

To install the Valarea POD™ application, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Download latest build of Valarea POD™ from​ or from the download link provided by your reseller.

  2. Login into the windows 10 account with no administrator right (just a user)

  3. Run the program installer as Administrator with UAC of windows.

  4. Follow instructions during the installation.

  5. Complete the installation and run Valarea POD configurator wizard.

  6. Enter your license key when requested. Don't have a key? Press “30-days trial” and start a full version in trial mode.

  7. Follow the instructions and set your preferences.

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Configuring Valarea POD after the install

At the end of the first installation you must configure Valarea POD before to use. Keep the flag "Launch Wizard" and press Finish button for launching "Valarea POD config Wizard.

Set your UI language Insert your license key then press the activate button, or if you haven’t a license key you can try POD for free for 30 days by pressing the start 30 days trial button

Scrolling down the UI you will be able to set some general settings like : Default Password for protecting the settings of Valarea POD, auto-start of the application when windows start, schedule a Valarea POD nightly reboot or load the configuration file generated from a template.

Home Launcher Settings

Room name – Is the name When clients are connecting via wireless display protocols or through the Valarea App, they'll see room names in close proximity. Choose a name for the POD, avoid to use special characters (like # @ ! etc..).

Wi-Fi – Write here your SSID information and password for Guest/Users. This information will be displayed on the homescreen of Valarea POD Launcher. (This is an informational label and not create any wifi hotspot on the machine)

Wireless Presentation – Here you can select from dropdown menù the default behavior of the Wireless Display service. You can set "always available" that mean to allow wireless projection on the screen even if there is no an active session on the Valarea POD (No check-in) or if you select "depenent from the session", the component for wireless display projection will be loaded only if the user press "start/join" session.

Digital Signage: If you want to set an HTLM5 application as default home screen of your display during stand-by mode of your Valarea POD™ application.

Room Calendar: Assign a valid room calendar resource to Valarea POD for managing automatic booking of meeting room resources in your Organization. Valarea POD support the following enterprise calendar services:

  • Office 365 room calendar

  • Google Workspace calendar

  • Micrsoft Exchange EWS (On-prem) calendar

Launcher Session: In this section you can configure the session settings of Valarea Launcher

AV Conference System - setting panel

Select a default AV application for video conferencing The following AV applications like Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Zoom are supporting the feature "instant Meeting". Select one the application and add your account credential for Room subscritpion.

Management & Security - setting panel

Automatic system health check: By enabling/disabling the following flag you’ll receive a notification if there’s some wrong settings on POD (on the UI by default and/or on the Valarea POD Management Console)

SMTP : Set a valid SMTP system and credential for sending automatic recap (optional setting)

Kiosk Mode : Activating Kiosk mode the system will apply a lock-down mode of OS and prevent any access to the Windows 10 operating system, disable task manager and avoid tampering from unauthorized users.

Bluetooth Proximity : Activate the second factor authentication for high-security with companion app. The system will control if the end-users connected App is nearby to the Valarea POD.

Use Export configuration if you want to generate a template file for large deployments of several Valarea POD™ in your Organization.

Press finish, reboot the system (suggested) and wait Valarea POD™ boot after OS startup.