Advanced Settings

After the first configuraiton you can change any settings by pressing the three dots on the bottom right corner of Valarea Room UI available on the main screen or touch controller. The configuration wizard will ask for an Administrator password to be run.
Home Launcher Settings
Room Name: it is the name for when users connect via wireless display protocols or via the Valarea app: users will see the names of the rooms nearby. Choose a name for the room and avoid using special characters like (# @! etc ..).
Wi-Fi: insert here the SSID information and password for Guest / Users. This information will be displayed on the Valarea Room Launcher's home screen. (This is only an informational label. It will not create any Wi-Fi hotspot on the machine)
Wired HDMI Presentation: Enabling this setting will automatically project a user device on the main screen, including audio. A video capture card is mandatory (HDMI to USB INGEST)
Digital Signage: Set an HTML5 application link as default home screen for your display during the stand-by mode of your Valarea Room application.
Room Calendar: Assign a valid room calendar resource to Valarea Room for managing automatic bookings of meeting room resources in your Organisation. Valarea Room supports the following enterprise calendar services:
  • Office 365 user or room calendar
  • Google Workspace calendar
  • Microsoft Exchange EWS (On-prem) calendar
Video Conferencing Instant Meeting
If you have an existing account with a VC application like Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet etc, our "Instant Meeting" feature can be used with such accounts by signing in through a secure OAuth 2.0 authentication.
Management & Security - Settings Panel
Automatic System Health Check: By enabling/disabling the following flag, you’ll receive a notification if there is any issue with the Room.
SMTP: Set valid SMTP credentials for sending automatic meeting recaps (optional setting)
Kiosk Mode: Activating Kiosk mode, the system will apply a lock-down mode of the OS and will prevent any access to the Windows 10 Operating System, disable task manager and avoid tampering from unauthorised users.
Bluetooth Proximity: Activate the Bluetooth Proximity threshold for high-security with the companion app. The system will check if the connected users are nearby the Valarea Room.
Use "Export configuration" if you want to generate a template file for large deployments of several Valarea Room in your Organisation.
Press finish, restart the system and wait for Valarea Room to automatically start at Windows login.