Bluetooth BLE (proximity) for BYOD Features
Proximity detection is carried out by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).
If BLE security option is enabled in the Valarea Room settings, only client apps (Windows 10, iOS, Android) with BLE 4.0 enabled will be able to connect to the Valarea Room system by scanning the QR code.
If the client app exceeds a certain distance from the Valarea Room System, it will stop receiving packets and therefore the Valarea client apps will automatically disconnect Cloud Drive and Personal Calendar from Valarea Room System when the proximity limit is exceeded.

Supported Bluetooth Devices (for Valarea Room)

On your Windows 10 PC, check if your built-in Bluetooth chipset supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). To check this, open Device Manager and expand the Bluetooth category.
Right-click on your Bluetooth adapter, click Properties and go to the Details tab.
Click the drop-down under Property and select: Bluetooth radio supports Low Energy Peripheral Role. If the value is set to "true", then your Bluetooth device manages BLE and can be used with the Proximity feature. If the Value is set to "false", then you can not use Proximity feature with that computer.

Supported Bluetooth Devices (for mobile apps)

All smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0 should support BLE. Take a look at your phone model and your phone's Bluetooth specification to see if BLE is managed by your device.