Bluetooth BLE(proximity) credentials transfer

Secure second auth-factor for sharing token of your o365 calendar, Cloud Drive (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive) between Valarea Mobile App and Valarea POD

Bluetooth devices supported (Hub PC with Valarea POD running)

On your Windows machine, you have to check if your embedded Bluetooth chipset supports the Bluetooth low energy (BLE). To check it, open the Device Manager and expand the Bluetooth category.

Right-click on your Bluetooth adapter, click Properties and go to Details tab.

Click the drop-down under Property and select the option: Bluetooth radio supports Low Energy Peripheral Role. If the value is set to true, then your Bluetooth device manages BLE and can be used with Proximity. If the Value is set to false, then you can not use Proximity with that computer.

Bluetooth devices supported (Smartphone)#

All smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 should support BLE. Have a look on your phone model and Bluetooth specifications for your phone to check if BLE is managed by your device.