Controlling Valarea Room with Valarea App (Free)
Before Connecting
Download Valarea App from Google Play Store, Apple Store or download Valarea for Desktop on our Download page.​
Sign up to Valarea for Free
To join Valarea network using your work email address, follow these steps:
  1. 1.
    Scan a QR code on Valarea Room or press sign-in and then tap "Login or Register"
  2. 2.
    If you have a Valarea Enterprise (Host) subscription please authenticate it; otherwise use your valid email address for creating a new Valarea account for free
  3. 3.
    Once you confirm the email, you will be able to use the account on a different device

Personal Calendar & Cloud drives proximity transfer once connected to Valarea Room

By connecting your o365 account, you will be able to transfer your calendar and OneDrive in a highly secure way to Valarea Room session. Tap
to edit your Valarea profile
Configure your Valarea App profile by adding your Office365, Google Drive and/or Dropbox accounts. No pin nor password input is necessary, you can connect and navigate the drives and calendars on the big screen in a very secure way. If your device is not near the connected display, the system will automatically disconnect your drives (Valarea use BT LE proximity beacons technology)
If you forget to disconnect after ending session, don't panic! We use BT proximity and we will automatically disconnect this when the device isn't nearby the Room Display.
Connecting to Valarea Room
Open Valarea App on your mobile phone or tablet, tap on "Scan and Connect", scan Valarea Room QR code or select it from the Discovered Pod list
Once connected, your meeting room calendar is in your hands!
Now you can switch from Room Calendar and Personal Calendar during your session with Valarea Room.
If the meeting room calendar has enough time before the next scheduled meeting, Instant Session Button will show-up for starting a hot-booking session
It's Time to Start Your Session Once connected, choose your session and press START. Your mobile device will automatically switch to trackpad.
Leave Session Tap on Leave button to disconnect session and choose another one to start again
Tap on Disconnect button to disconnect your device from Valarea POD
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