Zoom instant meeting


  • Donwload & install Zoom client for windows 10 from Zoom website https://www.zoom.us

  • Authenticate your Zoom Rooms account on the client

  • Go to https://www.valarea.com/en/download

  • Download the Valarea POD for Windows 10

  • Once installed the package, open the Valarea POD Wizard from desktop.

  • Follow the steps for Valarea POD configuration

  • Choose Zoom as default AV conference system for Instant Meeting

  • Scroll down and locate "Zoom account" section

  • Authenticate your Zoom Rooms account by pressing Sign-in button;

  • Press to sign in and follow the Zoom page instructions.


  • Open the Valarea POD application from desktop;

  • In the main application window, press instant meeting to start a new Valarea session;

  • Press then Video conference button and the Zoom application will be launched;

  • The Zoom will be launched with a meeting assigned to the user signed-in during the installation.


  • Open the Valarea POD Wizard from desktop, this app is used to setup all the application configurations;

  • During the conference video system step, Zoom is selected and the signed in e-mail will be displayed;

  • Press the sign out button to disconnect from your Zoom account;

  • To remove completely:

    • Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace;

    • Click Manage > Installed Apps or search fo the Valarea POD app;

    • Click the Valarea POD app;

    • Click Uninstall.